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VoIP Technology Provides You with Multiple Choices for Your Business. We can help you make the right decision based on your business objectives.

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VoIP simply works by converting analog voice calls into little packets of data. VoIP basically means you’re using the internet to make phone calls.

With Voice over IP, you can still call a landline or mobile phone, but you’ll be using your internet connection to do so, rather than a phone line connection. It’s a solid alternative and can work out to be fairly cost-effective.

VoIP has emerged as a popular alternative to a copper home phone line amid the rollout of high-speed fixed line broadband, Wi-Fi and mobile Data, along with the use of the smartphone.

With VoIP, a connection is used to their modem, bypassing a direct copper home phone line.

New NBN connections also commonly prefer the use of VoIP as the country moves away from copper connections.

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