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Electrical contracting + Test & Tag

Electrical work is dangerous, that’s where NPCS comes in. We are fully licensed, trained and experienced electrical tradesmen.

Electrical contracting for your business

Here at NPCS We have you covered, If you ever need to test your RCD’s look no further from replacing a light switch or PowerPoint, installing a new light fitting to Commercial fit-outs.

  • Electrical safety inspections (Test and Tagging)
  • Full electronic reporting
  • Reminder service for ongoing testing.
  • RCD Safety switch trip time testing
  • Emergency and Exit light inspection and maintenance
  • Domestic Safety services
  • Smoke detector service & maintenance (including regular battery replacement)
  • And many more services…

Testing and Tagging is the process of checking the safety of portable electrical appliances. This is what NPCS also offers amongst all our other services. This is done in accordance to Australian Standards the steps required are visually inspecting an appliance for damage, followed by electrically testing the device with a portable appliance tester. After an item is tested and deemed safe for use we apply it with a tag to confirm this fact. The results of testing, the name of the tester, the test date, and the date the next test is due are all recorded on the tag. The sole reason for testing and tagging an appliance is to guarantee the safety of those in the workplace who come into contact with or make use of it, minimising the risk of an electrical hazard.

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